Certification and Managed Cybersecurity Services

ZartCyber Certification and Managed Cybersecurity Services

As your foremost cybersecurity partner, we help ensure and maintain the security of your information assets with a verifiable rating that signifies your security maturity level. In addition, at ZartCyber, we will provide you with our ZartCyber Certification.

To determine your risk, we advise you to start with a Scan of your environment. We have developed a Free Quick Scan as well as an Extended Scan. Based upon the scan results, we can execute a detailed investigation of your threats and risks as well as a training of your staff.

Our Managed Cybersecurity Services

If you opt for our Managed Cybersecurity Services, we have three security maturity ratings:

Our certification is valid for a year and comes with the benefit of a globally recognised ZartCyber badge that represents your security maturity before your clients, thereby increasing their trust and establishing confidence with your business relationships. 

The Managed Cybersecurity Services offerings under each ZartCyber certification are highlighted, where  you can specify the key areas or boundaries you desire for our expert advice and security assessments. Before onboarding to our Certification and Managed Cybersecurity Services, an Extended Scan must be completed first (including possible actions to solve/minimise determined risks).

Service\ Certification Bronze Silver Gold
Security Education Training & Awareness Yes Yes Yes
Penetration Testing Yes Yes Yes
Vulnerability Assessment Yes Yes Yes
Third-Party Risk Assessment Yes Yes
Cloud Security Assessment Yes
Expert Advisory Sessions Three days Seven days Unlimited
Frequency of checks Quarterly Monthly Continuously
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