Our Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are collected each time you visit our website. Your computer, or any other device you are browsing from, will store cookies on the hard drive. For more general information on cookies, please read “What Are Cookies”

The first-party cookies are cookies that are directly collected by us and they help us provide a quality customer experience. These cookies share your personal information with us so in the future we can contact you directly and without delay. 

Third-party cookies are cookies that are collected by our suppliers. Our suppliers are companies we partner with in exchange for their services. For example, to see your engagement with our website, we partnered with the Google Analytics supplier which is one of the most widespread and trusted analytics solutions on the web. Through Google Analytics we get information about social media traffic on platforms like Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, Facebook and more. This way, we know what platform directed you to us. 

Upon request, you may ask for a complete list of our suppliers with whom we share your personal information, please contact 

How do we use cookies? 

Mainly, we use first-party cookies for communication and informational purposes. The sections of the website: “Quick Scan”, “Extended Scan” , “ZartCyber Certification”, and “Contact Form” send your personal information to our company email account and we contact you directly based on the details you provide us with. The type and amount of personal data we collect depend on what you provide us with.

The collection of personal data includes but is not limited to your name, e-mail address, phone number, location, or company information. The type and amount of personal data we collect depend on what you provide us in the “Quick Scan”, “Extended Scan” , “ZartCyber Certification”, and “Contact Form” sections. 

ZartCyber values the privacy of individuals who visit our website. This statement sets forth the relevant information that you need to know about how we collect and use your data. 

We use:

Essential cookies are cookies that enable the website to load fully. These cookies do not require your consent since they are fundamental, hence platforms cannot function fully without them.

Analytics cookies are cookies that help us collect information about your interactions with our website. These cookies give us information on where your interest lies by the way you scroll or click on our website. Overall, this shows us your engagement levels with our services. For more information on how Google Analytics use their cookies and how long they store the collected personal data, click here: Google Analytics

Advertising cookies are outside of our website’s scope. 

How to Manage Cookies?

On our website, you may click the “Accept” button and agree to all the above cookies. You may also click “Change my preferences” where you may accept the cookies you find appropriate. 

Upon giving your consent, you agree to the collection and processing of your personal data for communication and information purposes. To withdraw consent, you may check the browser’s setting for active cookies and turn them off or clear the browsing data globally or from a specific website. 

Check out the ​​ website for more information.


We provide you with this information in good faith and believe it to be under the data protection (GDPR) laws. We supply this information upon the condition that the website users will make their determination as to the suitability for their use. ZartCyber makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of this information and will not be responsible for damages of any nature resulting from the use of or reliance upon this information.

I confirm my identity as identified by the personal details entered in this form. I further confirm that official authorization has been granted by the entity for which I has provided details within this form, and that I, in turn, am acting as a representative of such entity. I confirm that this authorization can be verified in a manner demonstrable with proof. In case where authorization has not been granted I confirm my understanding that liability can be placed on myself by the entity in question or ZartCyber, and that this would justify ZartCyber's termination of the application process for this and further services at their discretion.
Policy for legitimate business and communication purposes. Through this authorization I accept that ZartCyber will make use of this personal information for the time period necessary to achieve its legitimate purposes. I hereby accept that for these purposes I will not hold ZartCyber liable for the collection, processing and use of the data provided and absolve them of any liability hereinafter in this regard.