Goal 10.
Reduced Inequalities

Reduced Inequalities

The Problem

African society is unequal. Africa, according to Oxfam, is the second most unequal continent globally, and it is home to seven of the unequal countries. The richest 0.0001% own 40% of the wealth of the entire continent. This means inequality is a severe problem on the continent.

In the same vein, the 25 wealthiest countries in the world own 75% of global GDP. No thanks to the impact of the 2020 pandemic-triggered lockdown. The worsening is about to get worse. With an ageing population and low reproduction rate, countries like the USA, UK, Japan, Germany, and even China are entering a phase where productivity is being hampered by the unavailability of competent and sufficiently trained workers.

Our Approach

We also are trying to address inequality with the name of the company. We are aware that “Zart” (meaning black in English), holds some negative connotations in the Netherlands for two reasons. Firstly, black has held negative connotations for a long time in Western culture, due in part to prejudice towards people of colour. Secondly, the word Zart specifically holds a negative connotation in the Netherlands due to the character “Zarte Piet”, which has been a salient controversial topic recently. We aim to challenge these perceptions and take back the meaning of zwart and black. We believe that through our good practice, we can change negative perceptions of black(Zart) for the better, both in the Netherlands and around the world.

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