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Our free online risk scan helps you gain insight into your company’s threat landspace. After completion of the scan, we advise you to take measures free of charge. ZartCyber will deliver the report of this scan within three business days.

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Your request is automatically logged, and the online scan is launched by scanning the domain name provided in your email. Upon receiving the report within three days, you can engage with our experts for advice on closing the identified security gaps.

Though the scan is limited and a detailed security assessment requires more time and expertise than an automated scan tool, we provide an executive summary of the primary security risks discovered during the scan. After the scan, we recommend a consultation with our experts to have a more detailed report of the risks and a penetration test of those security risks at an affordable price.

You can use the results as a to-do list to close existing vulnerabilities. You can also share them with your IT/ security teams, suppliers or service providers. Would you like to rerun the scan to see if the situation has improved? Please contact us to become a member of ZartCyber.

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