Security Education Training &Awareness

Security Education Training & Awareness (SETA)

SETA is the process by which all users of an organization can learn and enhance their knowledge of information security to protect themselves and their organizational assets.

SETA is tailored towards focusing your user’s attention on security, enhancing their sensitivity to both new and emerging threats while helping them recognize the need to protect your organization’s data, information, and systems. In addition, SETA will train your users to avoid situations that might put your data at risk.

Our Approach

SETA can be remotely delivered as a live or automated session to your users.

Live Session:

SETA can be done in a real-time session where our experts interactively sensitise and train your users on security best practices and procedures to help ensure the security of your data and information systems.

Automated Session:

We can also deliver SETA as an on-demand session that your users could access and participate fully at flexible moments.


Trained users on security

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