Third-Party Risk Assessment

ZartCyber Third-Party Risk Assessment

Analysing the risks that a third party brings to your organisation is vital to mitigate risks associated with third parties. There are multiple threats posed by all third parties, including vendors, service providers, suppliers, and any business that your enterprise systems interact with daily.

A Third-Party Risk Assessment gives you an understanding of the third parties you use, how you use them, and what security safeguards your third parties have in place.

With the astronomical rise in supply chain cyber-attacks across the globe, Third-Party Risk Assessment will be your de facto and proactive defence strategy.

Our Approach

Define Risk Criteria:

We handhold you to identify the possible risks categories and criteria for third party risk assessments.

Onboarding and Screening:

We perform a third-party onboarding and screening process to predict and protect against any possible risk your vendors and their product or services would pose to your business


Each of your identified vendors and product or service you consume will be assessed for risks and their respective control measures.

Risk Management:

We recommend a risk management and treatment plan for how you can manage or mitigate each potential risk posed by the third parties.

Continious Improvement:

In the culture of continuous improvement, third party risk assessment is an ongoing process. Based on the vendor or third party risk level, you can assess third parties monthly or yearly. Continuous monitoring and due diligence will be enforced to ensure your business relationships with third parties are safe.


Third-Party Risk Assessment Report

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